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Simple steps for eco-friendly eating

  (BPT) - What you eat not only impacts your body, it also impacts the planet. Fortunately, you can make healthy choices for your body and healthy choices for the world. Learning more about eco-friendly eating and making a few sustainable swaps can help you feel your best while helping the earth to thrive. Consider these four simple steps to transform your eating habits to be more eco-friendly: Shop small and local Instead of defaulting to the grocery store or ordering from a warehouse for home delivery, consider shopping locally. Even doing this once or twice a month to supplement your household needs can make a big difference. Consolidate your shopping and take fewer trips to make the most of each visit. Not only are you sourcing goods closer to home — and therefore cutting down on carbon emissions associated with production and shipping items — you are supporting community businesses and helping your neighbors thrive. Research local bakeries, family-owned cafes, co-ops, and more t

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