The Digital Vibe scheduled for 2017


Are you ready for 2017?  I hope you are!  These are our shows that we hope you like for 2017.  I hope so..


A new season of shows on The Digital Vibe!  Hope you enjoy some of the most entertaining and informing shows that we have put together.  Glad you could tune in!
More of the same!  Enjoy some great conversation with the entrepreneur and show host, Annette Thomas.  Annette has been on the hunt for some great topics like discussing her favorite brands and a whole lot on business and just whatever comes to mind.  If you feel like just "chillin" and putting up your heels or shoes, why not do so with Annette and come away feeling a little more educated, refreshed, and refueled.  This show airs on Monday's at 9pm EST. This is show is hot!

The Haunted Hotel, A Mystery of Modern Venice

Wilkie COLLINS (1824 - 1889)

A kind, good-hearted genteel young woman jilted, a suspicious death or two that only a few think could be murder, strange apparitions appearing in an hotel all combine to create a horrifying conundrum. Who was the culprit and will finding out finally put an end to the mystery? (Summary by Kehinde)

On health @  7 pm on Monday.  To your health!

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