With an average of 400 downloads per episode and hundreds of listeners, The Digital Vibe is fast becoming a very successful podcast that has turned out to be a very hot variety show!  The Digital Vibe prides itself on being unique with a little bit of the experts giving this show an amazing chance and opportunity to be seen by millions!  Each year The Digital Vibe comes up with very interesting and great shows that we think the audience might enjoy.  2016 alone has been a bit of an evolution for the show, yes somewhat in its baby stages, and is set to become even better in 2017.

When I started this show, a "one woman show", I had no idea the challenges of doing a podcast.  As I have leaned and grew in this podcasting profession, I have learned that its not just one thing that makes a show a success.  It is trail and error, and going at it again and again until you get the "perfect pitch" in each show.  So while The Digital Vibe is a bit of a "newbie" in the podcasting world, I am very proud to say that this "little show"  is growing up to become such a success that what ever direction the show takes, it will continue to grow and thrive into a show that millions will be able to enjoy!!  I am a proud owner of this show that gives me the opportunity to talk about whatever I want to and to entertain those who want to listen. 

My success has come from those who I have learned from along my podcasting journey..I guess you never walk this journey alone.  So when I say "we" I truly mean those mentors or influences who have done it and done it well. As I continue to learn and engage, I will become an even greater success as the show has become.  Thank you!

If you ever feel like throwing me a suggest, I suggest you do! Don't be shy..


Entrepreneur, Annette Thomas

Founder, Producer, Writer, and plain "genius" I just love this passionately!