Why now’s the time to become an entrepreneur, and how to make it happen!

If you have a desire to have your life become more independent and successful have you ever considered growing up to become an entrepreneur?

Consider this: entrepreneurship is one profession that you can determine your destiny in your life and your business.?? It is a profession that has the capacity to change you and the world around you. Think you have what it takes in order to become one? Take a look at why now’s the time to take your dreams and desires to the next level!

Entrepreneurship, as defined by Wikipedia, is the act of identifying and starting a new business venture sourcing and requiring the necessary resources while taking into consideration both risks and enjoying the gratifying rewards. It is the ability to detect in the market what others don’t see so that you as one can meet and fill the need for a profit. The emphasis here is on the word profit and the word ideas.

If you ever had an idea in your head and wanted to see that idea become a reality or told someone your business idea was great and you lacked some essential attribute, what would you do? Well, most of us may have had that self talk with ourselves and sat back and did nothing.  Some of us have taken the "bull by the horns" and done something about it! This is where the "true" entrepreneur rises up and makes the claim to say, "i think I can." This is the kind of reaction that turns into action and gets the ball rolling to entrepreneurial success! All it takes is you to believe in yourself and say "go for it!"

Most entrepreneurial endeavors start not just with an idea or the right idea but, with the "right" attitude. I can’t emphasize this enough! You can have the greatest creative idea, lots of money, but a negative attitude or state of mind. This is the place where most people never get to the successful stage as a result of these two factors. For me, I had so many creative ideas, but I had no money to fund or support them. I had so much of the right attitude about most things, but I had no access to real capital.

Then as I progressed as an entrepreneur and as a person, I realized that my greatest asset was my willingness to learn, which resulted in my capital , which is my learned knowledge and the ability to make it my own. Everything else can either be borrowed or developed and implemented over time.

If I were to sum up what are the "key" attributes as an entrepreneur whether your starting or a seasoned professional, that determines your success or failure, it would be....

Right Attitude Right Thinking

Right Attitude Right Thinking

Right Attitude Right Thinking

If you let this become your mental attitude throughout business and your life, you are sure to see a definite change in all areas of your life.

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