Being in the business of being a blogger has consistently been an incredible dream for me. No doubt it's not easy, but when I began several years ago to start one I knew I was onto something big! I coupled my educational degree which happens to be in management and marketing and I worked for a while as a business manager to get experience.

After the initial experience, which I felt limited me, I decided to take my skills to a new level and decided to start my journey of not only learning the Internet, but more than that a dream and vision to take my personal desire of entrepreneurship and marketing know-how to a whole new level. I had much to learn.

If I could sum anything up I would say I accomplished a number of things as I have incorporated learned knowledge and its resulting skills into my right livelihood. I've given my life purpose meaning as well as balance. I believe that is what we should strive to become as people which strive for excellence in our daily lives. When we make a conscious to become involved, we become more invaluable to ourselves as well as the world around us.

The world gives to those in equal measure what we bring to its "table". If we put nothing there, we should expect nothing! When we are contributors, then we can and should expect to receive what we put out in equal or greater measure. If we want to see things happen and to see changes take place in the world around us, we simply must strive to become active participants and nurture ourselves on a consistent basis so we will see change where we live.

It's easy to shirk the obligation when we are pointing the finger at everyone else. When we make a conscious decision to look at the person in the mirror we may not like what we see at the time, but we also must realize in order for external changes to take place the internal must change in equal measure in order to see outward balance. When we blame and it is not hard to do, we really don't get anywhere and we will inevitably see no differences in us and in the world. When we change, the view and perspective starts to change and the "magic" happens.

Out of much learning, I acquired an PH.D in Internet Marketing, I am a entrepreneur, coach, author, and passionate speaker with my own podcast.  Entrepreneurship: 101 Ways To Go From Point A To Point B, "How To Consistently Maintain Your Competitive Edge" on sale at Brand Shopping and, and The Digital Vibe, "a serial podcast in a variety show'.

I thank again and always ALL of my mentors who have made a tremendous deposit into my development account.  You ALL are the best in your class and for me to be a part of your lives in something incredible!  With each  and every day, i am blessed to be doing what i love and your value in my life has been tremendous!  You know who you are, my latest book is dedicated to you who have impressed me as I walk my "authentic" journey!

I wrote a few years ago that the measure we put out there in the world ought to be the measure we get back, well, this "Queen" has waited a long time, BUT I will say this, as time goes on and the future looks bright, I am no longer in "waiting", I am expecting such a great end to this year and a wow of a 2017!!

Thanks for reading..

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