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  • How can I get in touch? Answer: You can get in touch with The Digital Vibe Network here or on the blog website itself. Either way, you will be able to have a contact within 48 hours. Contact response is eastern standard time Mon thru Friday, hours are 10-2 pm EST, no weekends or major holidays.
  • When you purchase books available on this website all orders are handled through a 3rd party, Aerio/Ingram Books. They handle all orders, customer service, and sales. Contact Aerio for customer service and other issues Here.
  • 3rd party content like the Financial Services and Blog Services, are in partnership with The Digital Vibe Podcast and Network. When it comes to service of these products each Brand has its own. The Digital Vibe is pleased to be in relationship with these affiliates and we hope, I hope that each one provides you with the solution you need!