Looking to start your own Internet Brand and want to leave your mark on the online community?

Ever thought about owning your very own Internet business?? Do you already own a business but would like to diversify your portfolio?  ? Then this may be the opportunity for you!  Read on...

I currently own a domain name, Brand Shopping Network.com, and would love to be able to tell you why I see this brand name as a name that has infinite potential!  If you are experienced in business as I am mainly the Internet, then you already know what's in a name. Each and every brand you see out there started with a name. A very specific and targeted domain name. Why should this be any different? Brand Shopping Network.com is just that.  It is a domain name that has amazing potential and if visioned and marketed correctly can bring YOU, the buyer, satisfaction for years to come!

Brand Shopping Network.com can be as large and as wide as your eyes can see. You can make this name a household brand like the many others you have seen on the world wide web today. If you've ever created a brand before you know what it takes to have an appealing and influential one.  You already know what it takes to have a vision, mission, and goal, and you know how to elevate your brand to its potential.  You are a seasoned professional in the space of Internet Marketing and you know how to not only visualize your vision but you know how to articulate it as well. You already know how to take a band to its highest potential and you know how to execute it to its fulfillment. Not every one can do that and do it well.

I am wanting this domain name to become your domain name in hopes that you can see the potential that I see and take it to a level that will do its previous owner, me, proud!  I love the idea of taking ideas as an entrepreneur and seeing them come to life, don't you?  You have within your reach an opportunity that will not only enhance your portfolio but it will give you great satisfaction as an competitive entrepreneur to make the other brands like QVC, Evine, and even HSN, look like they are absolutely minor compared to the big leagues. This is called competition and you know how to engage with this already.

The benefits:

  • Ownership of a Brand that has the power to influence
  • An amazing addition to your already existing portfolio
  • A Brand that has the potential to become highly competitive in the marketplace
  • Expandable. You can expand into vertical markets as this brand is flexible.  Imagine!
  • Potential. Potential. Potential.
  • Want more?  Read below..

I will personally assist you in marketing your "new baby" into the competitive world. I will for at least 6 months to a year market your brand at NO cost to you to an audience of millions so that you can get additional exposure for all the world to see!  You can and should already be adept at marketing and this would just be an added benefit.  The actual cost for is at least 6 figures.  So not only will you be able to purchase an incredible domain name but you will get my assistance for at least 6 months as I have a podcast and can market it to my influences.

So if you are ready to start or you already know how to start, purchase HERE.

You can contact me on this website.  NO absolutely NO wasted inquiries.  Thank You.

Annette Thomas

Founder of The Digital Vibe Podcast