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The One Copywriting Technique You’re Not Using (+6 Ways to Do It)

There are two magic lands. One is the land of friendly grain-grower tribes, while the other is a motherland of mean-spirited hunters warring and betraying for profit. Can you guess which land is called Grataka and which one is called Lamoniana? Okay, hold that thought because we’ll get to it in just a sec. In today’s post, we’re going to talk about a copywriting strategy that you probably have never heard of and how to use it to write copy that sells . It’s got a complicated name, but it’s actually an easy and effective strategy. Let’s dive in. What is phonosemantics? Phonosemantics ( aka phonoaesthesia, aka sound symbolism) is a portmanteau word defining the theory that meanings come from sounds . Each sound, or phoneme, carries a specific psychological impression. Whereas onomatopoeias are a category of words that define themselves in the way they are pronounced, phonosemantics says that any word can make an impression based on the way it’s pronounced. Which explains why

Samsung Launch Virtual Store with NFT Perks in Decentraland


Tech giant Samsung is all about NFTs and the metaverse these days, so it comes as no surprise that is has launched its own virtual store. The newly constructed Samsung 837X store will reside in the Decentraland metaverse, modelled by its physical 837 counterpart which is located in New York.

The virtual store will be open to visitors for a limited time, where they’ll be able to experience Samsung’s Connectivity Theatre, Sustainability Forest and Customization Stage. According to the company, fans perusing through the theatre and forest will be able to complete quests along the way in order to earn 837X NFT badges, whilst the theatre will also showcase Samsung news and a ‘metaverse mixed reality live dance party’ hosted by DJ Gamma Vibes.

Michelle Crossan-Matos, Samsung’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Communications said in a statement: “At Samsung 837X, we’re excited to tell our connectivity, sustainability, and customization stories in a novel way, in a one-of-a-kind space. The metaverse empowers us to transcend physical and spatial limits to create unique virtual experiences that could not happen otherwise. Innovation is in our DNA, and we can’t wait for you all to experience this burgeoning virtual world.”

The launch of 837X follows on from other innovative projects that sees the company delve further and further into the world of NFTs, crypto, and the metaverse. Such projects include the launch of NFT-supported smart TVs, as well as the addition of a crypto wallet to support Galaxy smartphones.

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