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The One Copywriting Technique You’re Not Using (+6 Ways to Do It)

There are two magic lands. One is the land of friendly grain-grower tribes, while the other is a motherland of mean-spirited hunters warring and betraying for profit. Can you guess which land is called Grataka and which one is called Lamoniana? Okay, hold that thought because we’ll get to it in just a sec. In today’s post, we’re going to talk about a copywriting strategy that you probably have never heard of and how to use it to write copy that sells . It’s got a complicated name, but it’s actually an easy and effective strategy. Let’s dive in. What is phonosemantics? Phonosemantics ( aka phonoaesthesia, aka sound symbolism) is a portmanteau word defining the theory that meanings come from sounds . Each sound, or phoneme, carries a specific psychological impression. Whereas onomatopoeias are a category of words that define themselves in the way they are pronounced, phonosemantics says that any word can make an impression based on the way it’s pronounced. Which explains why

Netgear’s Meural Display to Integrate MetaMask Connectivity


Multinational networking giant, Netgear, had a lot to show off at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Most notably, the addition of MetaMask integration into its Meural range of smart picture frames.

The update will apply through the Meural partner app and will allow owners to display their image-based NFTs directly on the device, also providing the option to additionally include the metadata information of the NFT. Currently, in the beta testing stage of development, Netgear promises a full rollout in the near future.

This seamless integration will enable collectors to display their cherished NFTs in all their HD glory, while the MetaMask feature will ensure it stays ahead of the game. Owners of the Meural have previously enjoyed NFTs on the device based on a subscription model. However, this is the first time it will interact with tokens they own.

Netgear’s Meural digital canvas comes in three sizes and a wide range of designs. The smallest of which comes in at a desk-friendly 13.5 x 7.5 inches, and will subtly allow the owner to replace their boring old family pics with that of their prized NFTs. The largest spans a grand 19 x 29 inches for broadcasting to the nearby world. However, each display maxes out at 1080p, which may be a little low for connoisseurs of the finest digital collectibles.

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