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The Evolution Of The Music Industry — And What It Means For Marketing Yourself As A Musician

Founder and EIC of  Now Entertainment , Personal Branding/Public Relations Expert. getty For many fans of music, the saying, "We are not in Kansas anymore," rings truer than ever before. While it is evident that the content of the audio version of the entertainment industry has changed, there is a lot more that is different about what we now listen to and enjoy. Fans might be adjusting their tastes and preferences to the new sounds on the airwaves, but on the other side, artists are also facing a drastic shock. The tides of music production and marketing are moving fast, and only those strong enough to ride along will be left standing. My business started as a recording studio and later grew into a full-service media company. Through this experience, I've seen how the music industry has evolved, as well as learned a few best practices on how independent musicians can adapt. How has the music industry evolved? Through the past 30 years, the way music is

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