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4 challenges for women entrepreneurs and how to overcome them

  (BPT) - While opportunities continue to grow for female entrepreneurs, women-owned businesses are still in the minority, and women still face many challenges when embracing the entrepreneurial life. Starting a business is far from easy, and can be even more difficult for women, as they are often kept out of financial conversations, impacting their financial confidence as they age and preventing monetary discussion within their communities. While women face many obstacles in business, there are several powerful solutions that can take you far down the path of creating your own business. Here are some of the common challenges women in business face and tips to help throughout the process. Challenge 1: Work-life balance Work-life balance can be a challenge for men and women alike, especially parents, who juggle both family and career responsibilities. Striking a healthy balance between business and family life may be one of the biggest barriers to success for many. Solution: As an en

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Why YouTube?


YouTube is one of the most underappreciated tools for reaching a large audience and obtaining more friends and followers for all types of marketers and enterprises. Of course, everyone is familiar with YouTube: it is a video-sharing site owned by Google that allows you to create films, watch other people's videos, comment on videos, and subscribe to the producers who you enjoy watching.


What many people are unaware of, however, is the sheer size of the YouTube audience.


YouTube has more than one billion users, accounting for over a third of all persons who are connected to the internet. Every single day, hundreds of millions of hours of material are seen by a global audience. YouTube is able to reach more people between the ages of 18 and 49 on mobile devices alone than any other cable TV network in the United States.


YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world, after Google. This is significant because it means that you may receive almost as much traffic from YouTube as you can from Google. This is quite beneficial. However, unlike Google, YouTube is primarily focused on video, which allows you the opportunity to truly engage your viewers in a more powerful way than ever before. Video is extremely effective for marketing since it attracts attention and is highly engaging to viewers. Even more significantly, video can convey a message considerably more swiftly and effectively than an article.


Have you ever been chatting to someone but not really listening because you were distracted by something else?  Can't seem to take their eyes away from the television set in the background? Have you ever sat up all night to watch a television show that you didn't particularly enjoy Is it anything in which you are truly interested? Have you ever shed a tear while watching a commercial?


These are all examples of the kind of influence that video can have on people that written content just cannot replicate. YouTube does this for you and offers you with access to a massive audience of online users in the process. Furthermore, it includes built-in social media-like facilities that allow users to subscribe to your content and that assist you in spreading your media across Google+ and a slew of other social media networks. Forget about spending a fortune to produce an advertisement for a television channel. YouTube allows you to create your own channel, and it is entirely free to do so!


Finally, it's critical to recognize the impact that a YouTube video can have on the perception that your target audience has of your company and its products. Individuals are naturally impressed by video content because it is something that they are unable to make on their own. This is especially true if your video content is of good quality and has been produced with high production standards.


At the end of the day, anyone can create a website or post some stuff on Facebook. However, not everyone is capable of producing a visually beautiful corporate video. The film is professional, including high-definition footage, good music, and a strong narrative.


What is it about YouTube that doesn't encourage more businesses to use it?


So, with all of this in mind, the question becomes: why aren't more businesses taking advantage of the YouTube platform? As a matter of fact, this is a cost-free method of getting your message in front of an extremely large audience and making an extremely strong first impression.


There are two aspects to the situation:


A large number of people are just unaware of the existence of YouTube. They are aware of how it operates, but they are unaware of just how large it truly is. A common misconception is that creating a video with high production standards will be difficult and/or time-consuming.


In this series off posts, you'll discover not only how to get your films seen by millions of people on YouTube, but also how to create visually gorgeous, high-quality videos that appear to have been produced by a professional production studio using the YouTube platform. You will also discover how simple it is to accomplish this without the need for additional funds to be spent on expensive equipment, software, or other resources.