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4 challenges for women entrepreneurs and how to overcome them

  (BPT) - While opportunities continue to grow for female entrepreneurs, women-owned businesses are still in the minority, and women still face many challenges when embracing the entrepreneurial life. Starting a business is far from easy, and can be even more difficult for women, as they are often kept out of financial conversations, impacting their financial confidence as they age and preventing monetary discussion within their communities. While women face many obstacles in business, there are several powerful solutions that can take you far down the path of creating your own business. Here are some of the common challenges women in business face and tips to help throughout the process. Challenge 1: Work-life balance Work-life balance can be a challenge for men and women alike, especially parents, who juggle both family and career responsibilities. Striking a healthy balance between business and family life may be one of the biggest barriers to success for many. Solution: As an en

#The Daily Edition-#Business-What is Relationship Marketing? How does it influence Your Home Based Business


What is Relationship Marketing? How does it influence Your Home Based Business

Relationship Marketing as a Marketing Strategy


The internet has unquestionably altered the course of human history. Today, web marketing is a lot simpler. Nearly every website asks visitors to like or share what they see before they leave. If anything, it's relationship marketing in action rather than a detriment.  Relationship marketing is all about getting to know your customers, clients, readers, and other business owners better so you can build stronger relationships with them. When a deal is about to begin, no one gives it a second thought before putting out a Tweet. You might also ask someone to "like" or "pin" a picture for you.


A new era of marketing is dawning, one where power is shifting from marketers to the end user. They've never had the chance to create such an impact on the world before.


It's simple to express dissatisfaction with a product by going to the manufacturer's Facebook page. Furthermore, expressing your gratitude to a business is as simple as sending a simple thank you note. You're free to like, share, and tweet as much as you like. Once upon a time, the brand or image you presented was determined by the corporation you worked for. Now, it appears that the customer is in charge.


Customers want to be loyal, but they also want to be treated well.


Hence, the significance of relational marketing.


Your customer's reaction to you has the potential to make or break your company's reputation. This has a lot of impact when put into perspective. It's the first time customers have had this kind of access. Many things have altered because of the internet.


When used correctly, relationship marketing can help your business form lasting relationships with its clients. It's more than just saying thank you and wanting to see them again to make it effective. These days, it takes a lot of effort to keep a customer. Because there are so many companies out there, especially those that operate exclusively online, it's imperative that you distinguish yours from the rest.


Building relationships with customers is one approach to achieve this. Effective customer service necessitates thorough understanding and familiarity with your target market. You're curious about their likes and dislikes, troubles, and everything else. You should also be on the lookout for solutions to these issues. When it comes to relationship marketing, it doesn't have to be done in person. It's possible to do this on your blog, in emails, in newsletters, and on social media.


It's imperative to be abreast of current business trends if you want to succeed. Right present, customers love to use social media to show what they like and don't like about a company. What kind of feedback can you expect from them?


Relationship Marketing and Emailing Your List


Building an email list is a crucial part of running a successful business. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of companies actually send out email newsletters to their subscribers on a regular basis. Why should you send emails more frequently? That's the topic of this essay. Let's first define a relationship before moving on to email. When two or more people communicate with each other, they are said to be in a relationship. The ultimate goal is to give everyone involved a greater understanding of one another.


So, other than email, how can we stay in touch? Wonderfully, you can now send mass emails to tens of thousands. You'll need an autoresponder service if you're going to be successful. Mass mailing is now possible without having to worry about spam or crashing your website hosting because of these services. Open the lines of communication as soon as you have a list in place. In the end, why pay for something you won't use? You'll want an introduction email sent out automatically when you first set up your service. You can thank them for joining your mailing list or newsletter with a short message.


Next, draft a few emails that you may incorporate into your service in advance. After that, you can plan for them to be delivered on a regular basis.


You should only send emails to those with whom you want to build a relationship. Always compose your emails in a nice, conversational approach, as though you're talking to one person. When you create a relationship with someone, your ultimate goal is to get them to act. This could be to make a purchase, use a service, or simply to look around your website.


Your new subscribers joined your mailing list because they like you or your products and want to stay in touch with you in the future. Now all you have to do is expand on what you've already accomplished. Sending an email is one way to do this.


Emails that provide further guidance and details. Always try to find a way to connect with this person, even if it's just a small thing. Telling stories about yourself can help you make this connection. It's also possible to open up about your business and give your readers a peek into your everyday routine in order to achieve this.


They not only give suggestions, but they also link to extra resources for things that they think you'll like too. If you do this consistently, you'll start getting emails back and testimonials and evaluations from others. You are on the right track with relationship marketing when this happens.


Online marketing based on personal relationships:


Direct mail initiatives were once used to conduct relationship marketing. A lot of money will be spent by companies to stay in touch with their clients while they are away from the office. All of that has changed thanks to the development of the internet. Online relationship marketing has the potential to be more effective than ever before if done right.


Online marketing and relationship building can be done in a variety of ways. Some examples are as follows:


*Online journals, such as blogs, are a kind of publication.

*Email marketing with social media.

*Putting together webinars


You should integrate social media into your business strategy because it is so important. Millions of individuals utilize it on a daily basis. If your company isn't on social media, you're missing out on several opportunities.


If you want to see repeat business, building a relationship with your clients is critical. In the past, a business owner was constantly on the lookout for new clients.


Customers' preferences have shifted in recent years, and smart business owners are looking for new strategies to keep their clients. Having a strong online presence, particularly on social media, is essential to doing this. What other explanation do you have for the existence of Facebook pages for firms like Coca-Cola?


Simply because it's the best way to communicate with your clients.


Your website and social media pages won't let you hide. Your face and personality must still be "shown." However, the concept of using the internet as a communication tool has tremendous power.


For instance, all of the Facebook pages you follow are updated in real time. Customers can post positive or negative feedback on your page, and it will appear as soon as the consumer submits it. in your stead. Responding to messages will help you keep your relationship healthy. This helps you establish a connection with your consumers and can greatly improve your customer service abilities.


When utilizing social media, remember that people want to be involved, to share and like your postings, and to leave comments. Keep this in mind when posting.


Comments can be utilized as a form of feedback because they are public. Likes can be considered progress and activities that lead to a better future. When it comes to shares, they can be viewed as a recommendation.


Don't forget to update your social media profiles on a frequent basis. Post helpful information, and announce new products as they are released to keep your customers informed. Due of the two-way nature of social media, it's no wonder these platforms are so popular. Posting to your social media profiles and engaging in relationship marketing require dedication. If you're pressed for time, consider using an app that allows you to schedule postings. Take action on comments obtained and remember to always answer inquiries and solicit input.


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