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4 challenges for women entrepreneurs and how to overcome them

  (BPT) - While opportunities continue to grow for female entrepreneurs, women-owned businesses are still in the minority, and women still face many challenges when embracing the entrepreneurial life. Starting a business is far from easy, and can be even more difficult for women, as they are often kept out of financial conversations, impacting their financial confidence as they age and preventing monetary discussion within their communities. While women face many obstacles in business, there are several powerful solutions that can take you far down the path of creating your own business. Here are some of the common challenges women in business face and tips to help throughout the process. Challenge 1: Work-life balance Work-life balance can be a challenge for men and women alike, especially parents, who juggle both family and career responsibilities. Striking a healthy balance between business and family life may be one of the biggest barriers to success for many. Solution: As an en

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5th Chapter: Networking


Networking is one of the most significant strategies anyone can utilize on YouTube to promote oneself and attract a larger audience. Find someone in your niche and collaborate on a video with them. This manner, you may increase the number of viewers on both your channels and 'share' them. It's a mistake to consider other YouTubers as competitors or people with whom you must compete. In reality, you should think of them as coworkers and colleagues, as if you were all in the same office. It might even be as simple as mentioning another YouTuber and endorsing their videos. They might return the favor if they notice people discussing you in their remarks. However, the key to making this work is to avoid going after the biggest YouTuber right away. Instead, seek out folks who are comparable in size to you – or even those who are smaller! Find mutually advantageous methods to collaborate and make the most of what each of you has to offer in order to guarantee that you both come across as well as possible.



More Networking Possibilities



Of course, the same is true when it comes to locating bloggers who could be willing to share your content. Again, don't go straight for the most well-known blogger you know; instead, look for up-and-coming talent and folks on your level. You'll be able to gently ascend the ladder together this way. There are a few things you can take to help you break into the community if you're having trouble. One option is to try to meet such persons in person. You are much more difficult to dismiss in person than via email, and you can leave a lot more lasting impact. This is why attending networking events and seminars, as well as other opportunities to meet other business owners, is an excellent idea. Another suggestion is to make advantage of LinkedIn ( LinkedIn is a social networking site dedicated to connecting business people. Also, think about recruiting staff. If you hire someone who is knowledgeable in your field, they will be forced to reply to you. After that, you can start using the charm!


Sixth Chapter: Social Media


Social media is one of the most effective techniques to market your YouTube channel. You'll be able to grow your subscriber base as you establish your social media channel, and the two will have a synergistic impact. It's crucial that you're active on social media and that you're regularly posting information that's relevant to your niche and full of useful tips and advice, offers, or entertaining stuff that people will want to read. Consider it an extension of your YouTube channel, and make sure you're giving the same high-quality content to the same audience.

Now you'll post your YouTube videos to your social media page on a regular basis, hopefully increasing their exposure while also talking about your social media on YouTube. People who watch your films will be more likely to add you on Twitter and Facebook, and once they do, they'll be more likely to share your material with their networks, bringing you more videos. As you can see, it's a self-sustaining cycle that can be extremely effective once again. It's worth noting that YouTube makes it quite simple to share your video. Simply click the 'Share' option under any video to 'Embed,' share with virtually any social media site, or send the movie as an email. You may also link your social network accounts to your channel page, giving people even more opportunities to connect with and follow you.


Video exposure has increased.


You may also share your movies directly on social media, and there are a few platforms that are particularly well suited to this. Vine (, for example, allows you to upload very short films on YouTube, which is ideal for getting new fans and showcasing your high-quality material. You can also use Instagram to post videos!


Creating New Friendships


A useful approach is to think of your followers and subscribers as friends, whether you're posting into communities as described in prior chapters or just establishing your own following. This may appear cliched, but it is a terrific method to enlist their support and assistance. If you post regularly to a Reddit group, for example, and people recognize you and look forward to your postings, they're much more likely to read what you have to say when you do so. Better yet, they may choose to spread your work because they admire and appreciate you. You can get an idea of how this works if you read the book 1,000 True Fans. The results will be exponential if you can merely get that many sincere supporters for your endeavor.


Content that goes viral


Finally, if you want to get the most out of social media, consider what will be widely shared. You'll have a better chance of making a video 'go viral,' which can result in millions of views in a matter of days. Regrettably, this isn't a precise science. All that matters is that your video is short and humorous, startling, frightening, or unusual enough that people feel compelled to share it. Consider this: what content have you previously shared with friends? What was it about those videos that compelled you to share them in the first place?


Expanding and Dominating (Chapter 7)


Now that you know how to start and expand a YouTube channel, all you have to do is keep uploading and getting new subscribers. At the same time, you should continue to hone your skill, build on what's working, and keep an eye on what other top YouTubers are doing that is working. Here are some pointers to assist you continue to increase your following and attract new viewers:

Make use of tags.  Use tags to aid your SEO efforts. These should be words that are relevant to your videos as well as what viewers are likely to look for. Your videos will also appear in the "to watch next" list and the "similar videos" column as a result of this.


Try advertising on YouTube.


YouTube Advertising isn't simply a means to make money off your videos; it's also a terrific technique to increase the visibility of your own channel. Many YouTubers, such as Tai Lopez, have amassed thousands of followers by placing their films at the beginning of other YouTube content, and this may be a very effective way to attract more people to see your videos.


Keep Track of Your Numbers


YouTube's analytics page contains a wealth of data and information. Keep an eye on this, as well as what's working in each of your videos. This manner, you may expand your channel by focusing on what works and avoiding what doesn't. You're effectively flying blind without feedback.


Making a Demonstration Video


You can make a showcase video that will live on your channel and explain what you're all about to new viewers. This serves as an advertisement for all of your work, and it can be a great method to attract attention, stand out, and earn new subscribers.


The Most Effective Titles


In content marketing, your titles are really important. If you look at the headlines of a channel like Elliot Hulse's videos, you'll see that they frequently discuss topics like becoming more manly, being the "lord of everything," or being an alpha male. These are clickbait titles that elicit an emotional response, and as a result, he attracts far more visitors than if he focused just on regular material. In fact, one of the most crucial things you can do in general is to be unique and fascinating. VSauce is a channel that excels in this area. VSauce films cover a wide range of topics, from philosophy to math to bodybuilding, but they do so in a style that anybody can understand and that is always fascinating and surprising. This content was always going to be shared since it was so well-researched, original, and engaging.




Finally, make sure you're working with a high-resolution thumbnail. This is one of the few possibilities you have to set yourself apart from the competitors and stand out, thus it must be of good quality and related to your video's topic.


To sum it up..


That's all there is to it when it comes to getting started with YouTube. Of course, there's a lot more to learn, but a lot of it will be learned "on the job." The most crucial step is to begin posting videos and creating content. You'll tweak your approach as you go, observe what works, and your video quality will increase as a result. It may take some time to find your groove, so make sure you're filming movies on something you enjoy. After that, you may focus on honing your technique and attracting a large, dedicated audience.


To begin, concentrate on:


Producing high-definition videos

As often as possible, upload videos.

Taking a methodical approach

Basic SEO responsibilities

Social media sharing

Creating a neighborhood

Coming up with intriguing topic titles

Creating networks and establishing alliances


You'll also discover that doing all of this may be extremely rewarding in and of itself. Your entire firm will look more serious and professional as soon as you add a well-made video to your homepage, and you will feel much more capable. Creating a vlog and becoming a little star in your field works in the same way. The payoff is great, so don't be afraid to jump in and try it!