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The Evolution Of The Music Industry — And What It Means For Marketing Yourself As A Musician

Founder and EIC of  Now Entertainment , Personal Branding/Public Relations Expert. getty For many fans of music, the saying, "We are not in Kansas anymore," rings truer than ever before. While it is evident that the content of the audio version of the entertainment industry has changed, there is a lot more that is different about what we now listen to and enjoy. Fans might be adjusting their tastes and preferences to the new sounds on the airwaves, but on the other side, artists are also facing a drastic shock. The tides of music production and marketing are moving fast, and only those strong enough to ride along will be left standing. My business started as a recording studio and later grew into a full-service media company. Through this experience, I've seen how the music industry has evolved, as well as learned a few best practices on how independent musicians can adapt. How has the music industry evolved? Through the past 30 years, the way music is

Jobs And economic healing After The Pandemic: Who’s responsible?

career Fulfilment coach and founding father of  WhatWork.


For the past one and a half years, the international financial system, like every different aspect of human event, has been mostly governed by means of Covid-19. As we are navigating our lives and making an attempt to rebuild, we're asking ourselves, How will we improve, and who is answerable for the healing?

The latest ILO file states that “relative to 2019, total employment fell with the aid of 114 million as a result of laborers fitting unemployed or dropping by the wayside of the labour force.” whereas this may additionally come as no surprise, it is additional unsettling that “had there been no pandemic, the realm would have created an estimated 30 million new jobs in 2020” to counter the already drastic “shortage of employment alternatives.” it is also no shock that the pandemic in flip acce ntuated inequalities in labor profits affecting these already at an obstacle much more, corresponding to girls, migrant employees and younger people. whereas employment is forecasted to grow via one hundred million jobs in 2021 and by using a further 80 million in 2022, “the projected employment increase might be insufficient to close the gaps” and “many of the newly created jobs are anticipated to be of low productivity and negative best.”

This gloomy outlook is contrasted through reasonably fine reports of UK vacancies numbers surging. based on LinkedIn news, the primary week of August has seen 1.7 million job adverts and 69% of UK employers having hiring plans. besides the fact that children, the furlough scheme coming to an end in September may additionally set off one more doom-and-gloom cycle. because the pandemic drags alongside, we ask ourselves, What can we do jointly and in my opinion?

1. The State level

while there had been ongoing mechanisms to buffer the outcomes of Covid-19, comparable to furlough schemes within the UK, Kurzarbeitergeld in Germany or stimulus checks in the U.S., restoration plans such as the NextGenerationEU stimulus equipment focal point on stabilizing the monetary equipment and making the economic climate extra resilient for the longer term. despite the fact, due to the fact that budgets are confined and can most effective go so far, governmental efforts additionally revolve round incentivizing research and innovation and mapping out what has to be carried out on the company degree for the way forward for work: NextGenerationEU, for ins tance, lists a spotlight on “modernizing traditional guidelines,” “combating local weather change” and “biodiversity insurance plan and gender equality.”

2. The corporate level

The incentives laid out in the corporation for economic Co-operation and development (OECD), for example, center of attention on transparency and regaining have faith in policy with priorities given to “restoring financial activity, holding those most in want, and constructing a green economy.” whereas companies can are attempting to implement these pointers into their own recuperation innovations, they will always run into further issues, equivalent to expanding already current divides.

in the OECD SME and Entrepreneurship Outlook 2021, in addition to within the executive at a look report, such difficulties are discussed in more detail. whereas optimists may additionally posit this remarkable disaster as a chance to foster greater resilient, eco-friendly, digital and inclusive environments, the emergence of latest methods of work are complicated by the same historical divides, as well as very own instances that involve individual fitness, caring responsibilities and commutes.

another reality the OECD mentions is that “the extremely sectoral nature of the crisis has intended that some workers have shouldered the majority of the burden, whereas others, no longer most effective suffered less, however benefitted extra rapidly from the recuperation.” w hile actual restaurants, for instance, had to shut down, food start apps profited from individuals ordering in. A Forbes article masking which companies did smartly right through the pandemic shows that those profiting had been virtually exclusively on-line/digital provider providers, ranging from Amazon (easy on-line browsing) to Zoom (meetings and trap-united stateswith chums) to Netflix (amusement and escapism).

This begs the question of how employers who did well used their salary and what employers who struggled could do for his or her personnel. In a Science mag article concerning the 2020’s appropriate Employers Survey, it's explained that, specially within the pharma and biotech industry, investing in the neatly-being of employees by extension ability investing in the sufferers and highlights how “having a work culture aligned with employee values is another important driver for the precise employers.”

high-quality examples of fostering a greater resilient and green economy consist of Deloitte launching a digital climate focus scheme throughout all divisions, sending not less than 330,000 worldwide employees on a climate trade direction.

3. The particular person stage

even if you're employed or not, it is your responsibility to personal and control your career. The pandemic and its aftermath have led to tens of millions to consider or even execute the "extraordinary Resignation." The should re-evaluate, adapt, change and probably upskill or reskill has on no account been greater admired.

whatever your current condition, listed here are my premier advice on the way to build, maintain and future-proof a satisfying profession:

• Get to know your values, drivers and aspirations.

• Be super clear about your complicated capabilities, talents and natural strengths â€" and personal them!

• recognize what you actually want out of your career and work life.

• construct focus around any advantage gaps and areas for construction.

• build attention round strategies and patterns of conduct that don't serve you.

• Be artistic when it comes to job-looking for strategy; constantly three to 4 tactics combined work.

• Get your elevator pitch and universal personal branding in tip-exact form.

Crises come and go, and so do recoveries. taking care of your career is a lifelong experience and the greater thoughtfully you do it, the extra resilient you are going to develop and the extra in a position to navigate alternate.

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