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Hello and welcome to Podcasting. In this course, you will learn how to record, Podcast and boost your business exposure from today! The meaning of Podcast is still unknown to many but you have probably heard of Podcasting before and may be wondering what exactly is it. In this course, you will be guided step by step on how to enjoy it and also take advantage of it for your personal or business purposes.

In simple definition, Podcasting is a method of publishing and circulating audio content via the Internet. 

The unique feature of Podcasting is its subscription model through aggregation or syndication methods, which allow convenient digital method of distributing updated audio information.

Subsequently, this will allow users to access archives in their area of interest anytime and listen to the audio at their own leisure. People can download the Podcasts and listen to them on their music players, computers or ipods whenever and wherever that‟s convenient. This means that they can access their Podcasts even as they are commuting on buses, cars or trains.

 Podcasting is one of the hottest technology and buzzwords today among people. An Internet publisher and radio programmer pioneered it in June 2003. The programmer used RSS methods to compile audio files into a „program‟ and made it available as mp3 downloads. By fall of 2003, the buzz spread rapidly through blogs and universities.

By 2004, the expression of Podcasting was put side by side with the terms “iPod” and “broadcasting”. The word stuck. A small group of early Podcasters emerged from the blogging community and the Podcasting revolution began. Since then hundreds of thousands of Podcasters have popped up on the Internet.

Within a year the phenomenon of Podcasting fled across borders at warp speed. People from small medium enterprises to media companies to Apple itself tried to get on the bandwagon.

In September 2004, Google had less than 25 searches for terms related to “Podcasting”. By September 2005, Google produced more than 60 million searches!

Podcasting For Subscribers

 The Podcasting concept is certainly a new digital approach and has changed the way information is being communicated. It has given subscribers many privileges and options in the way they want their information to be presented to them. They become in control of the situation, as oppose to listening to the radio.

Podcasting allows the user to sort of listen to a radio channel but they are given the privilege to select the exact type of content that they wish to download and listen to. They can keep feeds and also remove them according to their demands and liking.

They are also given the privilege to access their audio archives anytime, anywhere and as often as they wish. Subscribers can listen to the Podcast directly from the Internet as it is being streamed and downloaded while they are online or alternatively they can save the audio file and listen to it offline.

Once the content is saved in the hard disk of the user, he or she can listen to it from any media playback devices. This means that the Podcast can be heard without having to be connected to the Internet once downloaded to a playback device.


Podcasting For Business

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