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"An Entrepreneur's Podcast with a variety show"


An inspirational podcast with a twist on news, variety, business, and whatever is relevant at the time. A variety show

The Digital Vibe Podcast offers its listeners the best in entertainment and inspiration!  If you really want to enjoy something that at any get you can listen to, then this is the podcast to listen to. Why? Have you ever felt that you were dragging through life and needed a "dose" of inspiration to get you back on track? Then this is why you need to listen to "the Vibe". You will get lots of inspiring thoughts that you really get to think about.  You can take whatever negatives and listen to something really positive, need that??

Here's an example of some of the topics:

Quotes.  Love them, I do!!  You can enjoy what I call "positive life tips" that will not only get you up in the morning, but keep you going all day long!  These are the tips that you can use to keep you in what I call "a positive mindset"

Inspirational Stories:

These will be short and to the point.  If you want an engaging story then this would be the place that you can relate to!  These stories will be very engaging so that you can imagine yourself “in the story”. This is pretty unique that you will get to “picture yourself” in a story that you can relate to.

Positive Life Tips:

Short and sweet.  Get aspired in less than a minute!  Get a positive life tip that you can enjoy all day long!  These are simple tips that you can what I call “feed” on and let in salivate throughout the day! Sort of “vitamins for the mind” Get that? Want that? Got that!!


If your looking for some exciting entertainment, no not Entertainment Tonight or some titillating piece of celebrity news but, a "real" podcast that will keep you tuning in again and again and will even tempt you to tell all your friends as it is a very viral podcast.  You can be sure that when you tune in on time, you will be back!!  Take a little time and enjoy..”the vibe”..The Digital Vibe!

As The Digital Vibe Podcast celebrates its 4 year anniversary this year, you can be sure to listen to special edition podcasts. The purpose of this podcasts is to be as authentic and as real and as entertaining as I, Annette, possible can.  I love the fact that this podcast has a positive influence on so many and each new year brings new listeners. This is what a meaningful life is all about.  Making a difference in your life and others along the way.  Enjoy!

For 2019!!

CelebrateHer, “sharing HER stories”Copyright_Symbol.png

Ladies..”oh it’s ladies night and boy the feelings good!”  This one is for the ladies!!!
Celebrating women in the world of podcasting!  Each month 2 women are going to be featured here on The Digital Vibe Podcast to share their stories on why they do what they do.  If you love to listen to real life stories, tune in and …listen! I will be contacting you..

BSN CollectiblesCopyright_Symbol.png presents..."Pure Power of Comics"Copyright_Symbol.png

More of “brand talking” on The Digital Vibe Podcast!  Here you get to listen to podcasts on the collectibles that are available for purchase at Brand Shopping Network.com.  Into sports cards?  How about comics?  Check it out all here on the “vibe”. Show airs on Thursday.

"The Wealth Building Series"
Want to live a life a "highly" successful life doing what you love and getting paid for it?? Got your attention??  You want to listen to this series.  Remember..i'ts not all about the money. This show airs on Friday.

"Wealthy Tips"Copyright_Symbol.png
Positive life tips that will help you in your daily life.  A sort of a "pick-me-up".. your daily dose of inspiration! This show airs on Monday.


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Founder/Host Of..

Annette Thomas

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"A serial Podcast with a variety show"Copyright_Symbol.png


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